Product and Web Design: Modspace

Working from home and sharing spaces with others is at an all time high, with many having a difficult time finding a space to call their own for productivity, privacy, or relaxation. Bedrooms and living areas are now doubling as makeshift home offices and workspaces, which can often feel claustrophobic and stressful, having a negative impact on both general wellbeing and flow. As we must adapt and change, the space we occupy should as well.

Our project was conceived to help fill that need. Modspace is a multi-functional modular room divider that can be arranged to fit your needs.

Research and Inspiration

Website Design

Taking inspiration from the physical product, the website is minimal in its design. Elements from the physical product translate directly to the site, such as the vertical navigation, framing lines, and use of a grid to display information in a dynamic way.

Interface Demonstrations

Product Renders done by Sungkeel Yamada

Kickstarter Page Mockup done by Ean Turner