Amanda Nettle is a graphic designer based in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Her work focuses primarily on brand development and print design. She has developed brand identities and marketing materials in various fields such as agriculture, architecture, home décor, and beauty and personal care services.

Amanda has most recently joined Alexander Isley Designers Inc., a design agency geared towards identity, communication, and environmental design for education, entertainment, and enterprise.

Previously, Amanda worked at Accurate, a luxury lock and hardware company, as their in-house designer. She has led the national design and branding strategy for Thom Filicia by Accurate, a sub-brand that features a capsule collection of hardware by well-known interior designer Thom Filicia that takes its form in digital and print applications, trade shows, and high-end showrooms across North America.

Amanda graduated from the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design at the University of Bridgeport in May 2021 with a BA in Graphic Design. Her goal as a designer is to solve problems through the use of creative design solutions, and enjoys the challenge of creating something that achieves the perfect balance of informational and beautiful. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys crocheting, gardening, and hiking with her dog.

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