INTRO A service that informs people on the importance of eating locally and seasonally, and offers ways on how to incorporate it into our daily lives, primarily by growing one’s own food.

PROBLEM We have become increasingly disconnected from our food, how it’s grown, and when it’s harvested. The convenience of being able to purchase all types of produce year round comes at the cost of lost nutritional value.

HOW / Education Information is presented to the end-user in an informative, but friendly and approachable way. Design elements that will serve as these educational vessels include print and digital stationary, social media postings, and seed packets and kits.

HOW / Implementation Products are available to end-users who wish to have a hands-on, personal experience with their food, its source, and its nutritional value.

CONCLUSION Customers and viewers of growin’ will have a better understanding of their food, and will prioritize healthy, informed eating over convenient eating. The information they gain from this service will contribute to healthier lifestyle choices and the ability to confidently grow one’s own food.